Cinderella’s Royal Secret by Lynne Graham


A very real Cinderella story! 
Izzy meets Rafiq while working as a cleaner in the apartment he’s renting and they spend a night together thanks to undeniable chemistry. Only thing is Izzy gets pregnant but what she doesn’t know is that Rafiq is the heir to the throne of Zenara
I liked Izzy as a character, she will do anything to help her family and is cleaning to try to make ends meet. She is strong and determined as well as being so normal and down to earth. Her behaviour is all linked to her family which includes her unborn twins and she would do anything to protect them, even moving to another country and possibly marrying Rafiq so her children can be heirs to the throne, but even then she still wants to train to be a teacher 
Rafiq is totally taken aback by Izzy and it was interesting to see him on the back foot and not totally in control as he likes to be. He has a complicated past which makes him a very deep character and harder to understand. At almost every turn there is something else that the reader learns about him which enhances your perception of him
I think a big part of what I liked about this story is that it is possible. It’s possible for a normal person to fall in love with and marry a prince. You don’t have to have a privileged background but instead you just have to be yourself which has given me hope! 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a Cinderella story with fabulous characters 
AM 🐾 x 

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