The Warrior’s Princess Prize by Carol Townend


This book is so different to the usual historical romances but it had me gripped and wanting to know what would happen next
Zorahaida is a princess in an Arab state but she is also in a way a prisoner kept by her controlling and violent father. Jasim is the nephew of a governor and a knight who has come to the palace to take part in a tournament in a hope that it may be possible to bolster trade from his region with the sultan. Jasim wins the tournament and instead of the pot of gold he chooses the other option, to receive the most precious jewel. Thing is he chooses that the jewel he wants is to marry Zorahaida 
I loved Zorahiada as a character, she may have been trapped by her tyrannical father but she makes the most of her life in the palace and has the loyalty of a select few guards so she is able to carry out work in the local hospital undetected by her father. She also protects others in the palace and the people of the state adore her. She is a strong woman who is confident in her actions and beliefs and will do what is right even if it may get her into trouble. In essence she is the type of princess we want to be!
Jasim (whose name my tired brain kept reading as Jasmin before I took a break and then noticed my error!) is trying to get a trade deal but he is also kind and is determined to rescue Zorahiada from her father and keep her safe. He is guided by he beliefs as a knight and his protective instincts are strong. He is a strong confident character and his arguments with Zorahiada make for excellent reading as they are both determined to win
This book was a breath of fresh air compared to normal historical romances but it worked so well with the change of setting, customs and traditions that I wasn’t used to. The interpersonal relationships between the characters was so well written that it sucked me in and wouldn’t let me go 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a non traditional historical romance with a brilliant cast of characters and lots of drama 
AM 🐾 x

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