The Billionaire Prince’s Single Mother by Leslie North


This novella caught my attention and made me wonder if really that happily ever after was possible for me after all
Piper is a caretaker and gardener for Thistledown Castle, the country retreat of Prince Aldon who has come to escape the press following his breakup with his fiancé 
I loved Piper, she is a strong woman who has survived much disappointment in her life with her father and then the father of her daughter Willa leaving her. Despite this and with the help of her mother she had become resilient and able to cope with most things thrown her way, she is also a very patient and loving mother which makes her even more likeable  
Aldon isn’t sure what to expect when he gets to the castle but it definitely isn’t Piper and he isn’t sure about Willa to start with either. I did like Aldon and it was really good to see him develop as a character and find out what he really wants from his life, what actually matters to him. His relationship with Willa undergoes a huge change and he accepts her and starts to enjoy spending time with her, a huge difference from his behaviour to start with. 
I think that Piper had a huge impact on Aldon and it’s because of her he looks inwards and realises that he needs to do things that make him happy (which includes spending time with Piper)
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a romance with characters who are willing to fight for what they believe in and who you will adore
AM 🐾 x

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