Cinderella’s New York Fling by Cara Colter


Jessica is a bookstore owner in rural Canada but she has been offered a job interview for a job in New York! The interview is scheduled to take place over 3 days so her perspective employers can see what she is like and she can decide if the job is for her. The person who will be showing her round is her potential new boss Jamie 
I liked Jessica, she had had some tougher times in life but still came through and was determined for this to be a new start and a new opportunity to change herself into the person she wants to be. Jessica’s story is focused on her self development as a character and as she changes and grows more confident with herself she becomes even more loveable. However even through everything that is thrown at her, she still remains true to herself and her fundamental beliefs like the importance of family and friends remain a big part of her 
Jamie I struggled with a bit more, he didn’t want to be interviewing Jessica, she had been thrust on him by a senior manager and he has very set ideas on what Jessica wants in life as a girl from a small town (white picket fence, family etc) but she also gives him insights into himself and he also develops throughout and may realise that what he thinks is important like lots of money and an amazing apartment may not be who he is and what he wants from life 
Following Jessica and Jamie’s travels through New York was fascinating and I was able to be a tourist from my armchair! They visited places I want to like Central Park, Broadway and the New York public library 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a romance with a lot of self development for the characters in a fabulous setting with a touch of drama thrown in
AM 🐾 x

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