The Sheikh’s Pregnant Nanny by Leslie North


A fabulous novella that caught my attention and drew me in
Nina is a nanny in a royal household and she has been dating the Head of Security Matek, even though technically she shouldn’t be, and she is pregnant with his baby. There is however something that Matek hasn’t told her, he the second son to a king and a sheikh!
I loved Nina, she is a strong character who has worked all her life, even when she hadn’t needed to and it’s through the skills she learn as a nanny that she starts to build a relationship with the women of the palace. She thinks nothing of getting down and playing with the children and that endears her to me. She stands up for herself but is also willing to accept Mateks determination to keep her and the baby safe 
Matek has felt like he has been rejected from his family for years and hates the thought of going home. I found him harder to warm to as I mostly saw him through Nina’s eyes as someone who is obsessive about security and who is determined, no matter the cost and restrictions, to keep her and those around him safe. Understanding him was difficult for me to start with but as the story developed I started to get him as a character and understand more about him 
Their story is one of change and personal development which challenges what is important in a family unit, both their own and his family
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy books with strong characters and clashes of wills 
AM 🐾 x

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