The Adventures of an Air Force Medic by Dave Ives


This book was interesting and felt real at times 
Sean wants to be in the US Air Force and isn’t to bothered about the job he gets assigned which turns out to be that of medic. UK readers think health care assistant type role. But he wants out and spends a lot of time studying as he has found out that the Air Force may be able to send him to college to be an engineer
I enjoyed reading Sean’s story, it’s based on the authors own time as a medic and I suspect that there is a lot of fact mixed in with the fiction that I more than once forgot it was fiction
It was interesting learning more about how Air Force hospitals work and the kind of things that the staff can face. I also enjoyed the character interactions and how different things can be compared to normal life 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy medical fiction that is so well blended with fact and who want to know more about the Air Force and the life of a medic 
AM 🐾 x

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