The Unlikely Life of Maisie Meadows by Jenni Keer


We all have that perfect day from our pasts in our heads and for Maisie that was a Christmas from her childhood. Having broken up with her boyfriend and quit her job she decides that she wants to bring her scattered family together and try to recreate that day
I will admit that I had times when I really struggled with this book and with Maisie as a character. More than once she would do something that made me want to slap her but then she would redeem herself and I would like her again. She is a character who knows her own mind but who is obsessed with neatness and order as it’s one way she can control her life but once I understood this she made a lot more sense to me and I began to really like her
The main focus in this book asks the question about who is most important in your life and can the people you work with be the ones that you want to spend time with instead of your family? 
I will admit that there were some fantastic lines in this book that made me smile. In terms of her hamster: he was “ever hopeful of stuffing his expandable cheeks with tasty treats like fluffy bags for life” and that he had “Olympic level gymnastic aspirations” 
And Wii fit came into the story more than once as her mother works in a care home which has its own things that make you smile; “keep the boxing low key. Don’t want her launching out of the wheelchair again with those lethal left hooks of hers” just one example 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a slightly more complex story with lots of backstories that weave together and that will make you smile 
AM 🐾 x

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