The Vet’s Secret Son by Annie O’Neil


Ellie owns a high tech vet practice in Cornwall with her best friend Drew and her young son Maverick but Drew has had a horrific car accident and the person who is coming to help out in the clinic is Lucas, her ex fiancé and the father to her son
I adored Ellie, she is bright and loving. Her vet practice is more of a community centre with a petting zoo than just a traditional practice, she also cares just as much about the people as animals and has huge respect in the community
Lucas was a bit harder to figure out as it didn’t make sense initially why of all the vet practices he would go to hers after he hurt her so badly but once I understood why his reasoning made so much more sense. He cares a lot and just wanted to make Ellie, and once he found out about him, Maverick happy
I loved the descriptions of the patients and the surgery’s that Ellie and Lucas have to deal with from a breach alpaca birth to wild horses and a dog who ate a bucket of less weights as well as the more traditional cases which was so interesting and caught my attention pulling me deeper into the book 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a romance with fabulous characters, both human and animal, as well as a look into if it’s possible to learn to love again 
AM 🐾 x

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