The Rancher’s Marriage Bargain by Mary Sue Jackson and Leslie North


Jolie has left her job in the city to work on a ranch as a chef with one special job, she needs to take care of Adam, a young boy with multiple allergies. Colson is Adam’s guardian, appointed by his parents before they died 
I liked Jolie as a character, she is quick and adaptable as well as being able to get Adam to be happier. He had been living off of ready meal type things that catered for his needs but with Jolie he got proper home cooked meals which helped him to open up with her and for them to form a bind. Jolie quickly learns from her mistakes and doesn’t hold a grudge which I really liked about her 
Colson is quieter and finds things harder to cope with as he’s really worried about Adam which is something that I loved about him but also something that possibly unconsciously held Adam back but he is willing to be more flexible as the book goes on and the more I learnt about him the more I liked him
This book focuses a lot on the difficulties that allergy suffers can have and the things that have to be done to keep them safe. It looks more at the people side of things than anything else which I think really worked as I could imagine the characters living their lives in a more real world scene 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a romance with a brilliant cast of characters who will make you smile 
AM 🐾 x

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