The Resistance Girl by Jina Bacarr

The resistance Girl FINAL

Two women. One heartbreaking secret.

Paris, 1943.

Sylvie Martone is the star of French cinema, and adored by fans. But as Nazi officers swarm the streets of Paris, she is spotted arm in arm with an SS Officer and her fellow Parisians begin to turn against her.

However Sylvie has a secret – one she must protect with her life.

Paris, 2020.

Juliana Chastain doesn’t know anything about her family history. While her mother was alive she remained very secretive about her past.

So when Juliana discovers a photograph of a glamorous French actress from World War Two amongst her mother’s possessions, she is in shock to find herself looking at her grandmother – especailly as she is arm in arm with a Nazi Officer…

Desperate for answers, Juliana is determined to trace the journey of her grandmother. Surely there is more to the photograph than meets the eye?

But as she delves into Sylvie’s past, nothing can prepare Juliane for the tales of secrets, betrayal and sacrifice which she will uncover.

A heart-wrenching story of love and war, perfect for fans of Pam Jenoff and Suzanne Goldring.


An absolutely amazing book that looks at a time in history from a totally different point of view 

Juliana finds out that her grandmother was Sylvie Martone, a famous French actress who starred in films from the silent movie era through to WW2 but there are pictures of Sylvie appearing to show her collaborating with the Nazi’s during their French occupation. Juliana doesn’t want to believe that her grandmother could be working with the Nazi’s so she goes to France to try and uncover the truth 

I loved Sylvie, she is a strong woman who has so many troubles in her life but she fights and comes through them. It was fascinating to hear of her life as a famous film star, she would never give up on her dream to be an actress and seeing her career develop and her relationship with her fans showed the character that she was 
Juliana doesn’t have as strong a role as Sylvie, it is after all her story, but following Juliana uncovering Sylvie’s life I could feel the emotions that Juliana went through as she learned more
This book showed me a part of the war that I didn’t really think of, how the invasion of France and the occupation of Paris affected those who lived there, learning what everyday life was like and the sacrifices that people had to make 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a historical novel from a different view point packed full of drama which will engage your emotions and turn them this way and that
AM 🐾 x

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Author Bio 


Jina Bacarr is a US-based historical romance author of over 10 previous books. She has been a screenwriter, journalist and news reporter, but now writes full-time and lives in LA. Jina’s novels have been sold in 9 territories.

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