A Mistletoe Vow to Lord Lovell by Joanna Johnson


Isaac has come to Somerset to tell Honora that her husband had died and that his solicitor is now in Northampton instead of where she believed it was and he is willing to travel with her as he lives near the solicitor. However Isaac has a secret that could destroy everything between them 
Honora is a fabulous character, she first greets Isaac with a pistol pointing at him as he was creeping around her house like a burglar and her feistiness continues from then. She was treated badly in her marriage and she is wary of men, especially handsome charming ones like Isaac. She is smart and aware of what she wants which made me love her even more
Isaac was much harder to like initially, he believed Honora to be like her husband and it takes time for him to realise that she is nothing like her thinks. I very quickly came to love Isaac, his care for his ward is what his actions stem from and he clearly loves her. He can see the positive impact that Honora has on his ward and the rest of his life and is willing to do a lot to make them happy
This book does look at some of the harder aspects of the more upper class part of life and how they impact on those around them 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a historical romance with a Christmas theme with characters you will adore
AM 🐾 x

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