Falling for the Secret Prince by Alison Roberts


Dom and Emilia have been competing against each other to be the best since they were in medical school and now they are working together at Seattle General Hospital but a car accident is about to change everything for them 
I loved Emilia as a character, she has been through so much in her life and is determined to put the past behind her. She is smart, talented and very good at what she does but she also has a vulnerable side which while she keeps hidden is there and which influences who she is and what she does
Dom has a secret, he is a prince but his family has allowed him to come to America to learn to be and to practice as a doctor. Then his father is in an accident and Dom will need to resume his royal duties. His closest relationship is with Emilia and he lets her into his secret which does scare him but he also realises that he wants to spend more time with her before he leaves. Dom doesn’t let this secret stop him being really good at his job or from challenging Emilia to be the best. He is aware of his responsibilities but he is also so normal which made me love him 
There is a lot of medical detail in this book which I personally loved reading about, most of it focused on traumas and what has to be done both when the person arrives but also some of the challenges that the staff face in the battle to keep their patient alive. Both Emilia and Dom as so passionate about their work and this comes across so strongly and I found myself pulled into the drama and caring about the patients and what would happen with them next 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a medical romance with some fabulous characters and the possibility of a Cinderella story 
AM 🐾 x

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