Snowbound at the Manor by Ellie Darkins


Jess is best friends with Lara, an Instagram influencer and they are booked to spend some time before Christmas at Upton Manor, a country house in the Yorkshire moors but a freak snowstorm has come in, Lara is stuck in Geneva and Jess is at Upton Manor with its owner Rufus
Jess was a great character, she is independent but also loves to have fun (snowman building and scrabble challenges among others). Being at Upton Manor allows Jess time to think about what’s important and what she wants in life 
I loved Rufus, he is strong but also has a vulnerable side which made him feel more real. He is doing what he can to save his families home and his dedication and determination really came through
Both Jess and Rufus have had troubles in their past which really impacts them in the present and seeing them develop as characters and realising what is still causing and issue and why kept me reading 
I also found it fascinating to see into the world of Instagram influencers and what they have to do to get the perfect photo that you see on their feed and I’m not going to lie, some really surprised me! 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a romance with fabulous characters trapped in the snow learning about themselves and becoming even more loveable and real
AM 🐾 x

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Filed under Drama, friendship, love, Mills and Boon, romance, True Love

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