Protecting His Brother’s Babies by Katie Knight


Lake is pregnant and the father of her baby is dead seemly by an accidental crash but she thinks it’s murder and that he was involved in money laundering through the charitable foundation that she runs. She confides in his twin brother Drake and together they start to look into what has happened 
I loved Lake, she has had a difficult past and is honest when she feels she is in danger but is also able to defend herself when she needs to. She is intelligent and determined to find out what has been happening whilst seeming so real and relatable 
Drake has had a bit of a nightmare having to come home and try to sort out what his brother has done. He is protective of Lake and is determined to keep her safe which is something I loved him for. He also starts to confront his past and realise what is important in his life and in his future
This novella is fast paced and full of drama and danger that had me hooked and desperately hoping that the good guys would win but it feeling like a close race at times. The twists and turns meant that there was always something new and it felt like a bit of detective strongly trying to put everything together 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a fast paced action filled romance with enough drama and intrigue to pull you in and not let you go
AM 🐾 x

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