Christmas Under the Northern Lights by Annie O’Neil


Audrey has come to Bourtree Castle, a Scottish island village, as a cover for the islands nurse, the doctor she works with is Cooper who grew up on Bourtree and doesn’t have the best memories of his time 
Audrey is running away from her life in London, she caught her fiancée cheating on her and knew she needed to get away and Scotland seemed a good choice. I loved how Audrey developed throughout the book to become more self confident and her care for her patients came through so strongly. She manages to find the space and time she needs to think about what she really wants in life. Although the story comes from Audrey and Coopers points of view you could feel the love the islanders have for her coming through and how they welcome her into their community 
Cooper also learns a lot about himself throughout the book and it allows his confidence to grow. He may have at times had a difficult past but the islanders accept him as their new doctor, although there are some teething problems on the way! I did struggle with Cooper at times, I think my main issue was his how much he kept bottled inside which affected him and made him at times a more difficult character to understand 
I loved the setting of this book, a remote island off of Scotland where the lack of light pollution allows the Northern Lights to shine through which felt magical and made me adore it even more. I think part of the appeal is actually the islanders themselves, the brought the setting alive and made the story work so well 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a romance where the main characters have to overcome emotional adversity but in an amazing setting which will keep you turning the page
AM 🐾 x

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