Recipe for Redemption by Anna J. Stewart


Abby would do anything to save the hotel that she and her gran have lived in since she was a child but it’s in serious financial difficulties. With a food festival coming to town and an amateur cooking contest with a large prize pot it could be what she needs, only one slight problem though, Abby can’t cook so in steps Jason, a professional chef who is escaping New York following his twin brothers death 
I loved Abby, she is a great fun character full of life, she says what she thinks which sometimes gets her into trouble but the people she cares about accept her no matter what. She struggles with slowing down and when she panics things can get a bit dicey, especially in the kitchen
Jason is really struggling emotionally when he comes to the inn and all he wants is to escape his life in New York and not cook again. Seeing him start to accept what has happened with the support of Abby and her friends makes me love him as a character, he is somewhere where people don’t judge him on his past but on what he does now which is something that I would hope more people could do 
The town is Butterfly Harbour and there are unsurprisingly a lot of butterfly related things in the book, one I loved is that the senior citizens group is called the Cocoon Club. There is a huge amount of community spirit in the town and that drew me in almost as much as Abby and Jason’s story
I would recommend this book to whose who enjoy a story full of fabulous characters learning about themselves in an amazing setting
AM 🐾 x

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