Unexpectedly Wed to the Officer by Jenni Fletcher


Sebastian has come back from the Navy and is in Bath to see his family but what he doesn’t know is that they aren’t there anymore! Instead he meets the new manager of Belles, the family biscuit shop. Henrietta however isn’t quite what he was expecting! 
I loved Henrietta, she has a strong sense of family and looks after her nephews when her brother isn’t available. She is beautiful but is so used to people only looking at her and not getting to know her properly that she has built up walls and defences to stop herself getting hurt. She is smart, independent and is used to looking after herself so finds accepting help difficult but I think as the story develops she becomes more willing to accept help and that it may not always be given with and ulterior motive 
Sebastian is a brilliant character, he is completely the opposite of what’s Henrietta thinks she wants but his caring and patience towards her nephews helps him to win her over and make her realise that it’s not just her beauty that he finds so captivating. He has suffered hardships in the Navy and is wary of certain things but understanding him and his backstory more as the story develops makes me love him more 
This book had me totally hooked right from the beginning when Henrietta thinks she is disturbing a burglar and slams the door into his face, and the next morning him being tipped off the sofa and having books hurled at him by Nancy, who also works at Belles, made me chuckle and pulled me so deep into the story 
This book works really well as a stand alone book although it is part of a series and characters from the previous book are mentioned (and if you’re anything like me you will be so hooked by the stories of the sides at Belles that you will be bouncing up and down desperate for the next 2 books to come out!) 
I would literally recommend this book to so many people, it is a story of acceptance and the characters learning about themselves whilst having so much drama that it will keep you turning the page 
AM 🐾 x

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