A Match for the Rebellious Earl by Lara Temple


Amazing, outstanding and so much more! 
Kit is an Earl and has been captain of a ship and away at sea for many years but he is pulled back to England for a family wedding. Genny met Kit years ago when she was in Spain with her General grandfather, now their fates are entwined when they are thrown back together 
I loved Genny, she is a fabulous character and a marvellous manipulator who manages to get others to do as she wishes without them realising most of the time. This may not sound like a good trait but she does things for a purpose such as protecting her family which is very important to her and a quality that I loved about her. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask, she is the kind of person that I would love to be 
Kit keeps having to tell people that he isn’t a pirate but he has an air of danger about him that drew me in and had me routing for him throughout. He doesn’t like Genny to start with but once he understands her more he slowly comes around to her way and it’s through their arguments that I leant more about him and fell in love with him a bit more
I was so hooked with this book and once I started reading I could barely stop, even if it meant that I nearly missed my station when I was on the train! The characters and story sucked me in and wouldn’t let me go. I also loved Genny’s obsession with rescuing lost or stray animals, from a bee to a kitten to dogs, all of whom (apart from the bee) have some fabulous names which were linked to the story in a brilliant way 
As you can tell, I totally adored this book and would recommend it to so many people but especially those who enjoy a historical romance with some amazing characters an some unexpected turns that will pull you in even deeper 
AM 🐾 x

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