Reunited with Her Blue-Eyed Billionaire by Barbara Wallace

reunited with her blue-eyed billionaire

For billionaire Whit Martin, Jamie Rutkowski is the one who got away. Now his college girlfriend is back to celebrate their best’s friend’s marriage. As their chemistry reignites into an even greater passion, Whit’s determined that this time their relationship will work. But are they ready to unlock the secrets of their past…if it means a chance at forever?


A gripping story of pain and acceptance 
Whit and Jamie were a couple in college but he left to play polo in Europe and she became a ghostwriter. Years later a friends wedding throws them back together and they realise that some of their old feelings are still there 
On the outside Whit had it all, the ridiculously wealthy family, the looks and the charm but inside it was far from the truth. Whit has been scarred by his past and he hopes that by telling his story it will allow him to get closure on events that have haunted him for years as well as trying to give hope to people who are struggling with some of the things he did. I liked Whit as a character, he is vulnerable but strong, haunted but determined and it made him feel so real and so human 
Jamie was slightly harder for me to like, she is focused on the past and how she let Whit go even though she loved him because she thought that would be best for him. I loved seeing how the ghostwriting process works and how she is able to draw Whit out of himself so that she can get it right when writing the book 
This book looked at some of the more difficult aspects of life, how events can shape a persons life and how people are able to come back fighting and stronger than they were before and it comes across sensitively but also sincerely which can be hard to do 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a romance where the characters have to overcome a lot of hurdles before they can be together and you will grow to love them the more you read 
AM 🐾 x

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Author Bio –

Barbara Wallace is the best selling author of over two dozen romance and cozy mystery novels.  Her books can be found world-wide, including the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Italy and Australia.

A native New Englander, Barb lives in the suburbs with her husband of thirty-one years. Their only son is married and lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her hard at work at her other job, that of an unappreciated caretaker to two demanding rescue cats. For some reason they seem to think laps are for petting, not laptop computers.

Social Media Links – Website: www.barbara;



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