Awakening His Shy Vet by Shelley Rivers


A book that makes you look under the surface 
Ruby is a vet but she is also a goth which have put a lot of vet practices off but she gets a chance at a job in Dorset and whist she is there she meets Kern who used to train racehorses but who is now back on his families farm 
I liked Ruby, she doesn’t look like the traditional vet but every time she is with a patient she completely focuses on them and understanding the problem. She has been hurt badly in the past and this has a huge bearing on her. I enjoyed learning more about her and understanding her story which made me love her quite quickly
Kern has left the racing world in disgrace and has come back to Dorset as it’s the only place he has left. It was harder for me to get to know Kern as more of the book was set from Ruby’s perspective but it also helped me to like him when seeing him through Ruby’s eyes 
Both Kern and Ruby have been hurt in the past and this brings them closer together. Unsurprisingly a lot of the book is linked to horses and I think this really works as it gives the reader a better understanding of what is important to Ruby and Kern and why, it also helps force them together when they otherwise might have avoided each other 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a vet romance with characters who develop so much into the people that they can be and whose journey you will love being on
AM 🐾 x

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