Terms of Their Costa Rican Temptation by Pippa Roscoe


Oh my gosh! 
Skye’s family have inherited an estate following the death of their estranged grandfather and they have been tasked with finding the missing family jewels within 2 months or the estate will be turned over to the National Trust but they really need the money as her mother is really ill and a postcode lottery means that she can’t get the treatment she needs on the NHS. There is a slight hitch, to find the jewels she needs a map that was hidden with another family and it is for that reason that she meets Benoit
Skye is a difficult character to like in the beginning, she has been looking after her sisters for years and denying herself what she wants to try and make those around her happy. I loved er development throughout the story where she becomes more of the person she could be rather than the one she feels she has to be
Benoit needs to marry before his 32nd birthday and Skye turning up in his life and needing the map his family have comes at a good time. He is so used to people being selfish and doing things for themselves and this does make him harder to understand but at the same time he has a great love for his aunt and it’s his loyalty to his family that makes him the character he is. Skye makes him look inside himself and challenge his beliefs just as he does with her and it works so well and made me love him as a character even more
The treasure hunt is what caught my attention initially but it’s the play between Benoit and Skye that sucked me into this book and wouldn’t let me go. They seem so different as characters but both are scarred by their pasts and it is only by being together that they have any hope of becoming who they deserve to be 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a story full of drama, secrets and revelations that will capture your interest and not let you go!
AM 🐾 x

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