The Sheikh’s Mail-Order Bride : Halabi Sheikh’s by Leslie North


Not what I was expecting but still fabulous
Prince Danyal has accidentally ordered a bride online following a drunken night with friends and had then forgotten about it. Jayne is that bride and with her young son Noah has travelled half way round the world for the wedding and things aren’t quite happening how she expected…
Danny is a brilliant character, he has been hiding secrets his whole life as instead makes up for it by being the life and soul of the party but meeting Jayne turns everything upside down and makes him look inside himself and question his beliefs and actions. He is also fun, caring and stubborn but this is part of what made me love him
Jayne is a brilliant mum and she would do anything for her son but she also wants to be happy and Danny could do make that happen for her. She comes across as a real person with a lot of depth and I could easily see her stepping off the page
This novella caught my attention and it looks at the differences between the faces we put on and the actual person underneath (as well as some of the drama from online dating!) 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a romance where the main characters challenge each other to become the person they know they can be with some surprises along the way
AM 🐾 x

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