Night Shifts with the Miami Doc by Ann McIntosh


What is more important, career or love?
Regina has taken some time off from her normal hospital to work at one in Miami in Florida for a short contract and whilst there she bumps into Mateo who she worked with when he was a student 
I liked Regina, she is incredibly driven and wants to be Chief of Medicine at her normal hospital so has a plan on how to get there but she doesn’t count on Mateo making her feel things and he starts to break through her icy facade
Mateo was an easier character to like, he raised his adopted siblings after his parents died and he had to almost put some of his life and dreams on hold so he could do that. He doesn’t want anything long term in terms of relationships but things with Regina may make that a difficult pledge to stick to! 
Both Regina and Mateo are dedicated doctors and this came across when I read about their interactions with their patients. They know what they are talking about and their bedside manner is really good. This book also looks at some of the more specialised hospital patients instead of being an emergency room and it was really good to follow some of the patients through from the start in their treatment and diagnosis without it feeling too overpowering 
I think that this book would probably appeal to those who enjoy reading romances with a lot of drama and some really strong character personalities who will capture your heart and attention 
AM 🐾 x

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