Winning Back His Runaway Bride by Jessica Gilmore


Can love be enough? 
Charlie and Matteo had it all, the fairytale romance and wedding but then their lives started to fall apart and they filed for divorce but before that could happen Matteo was involved in a car accident and to him it’s the day before their wedding. The doctors say he needs rest and Charlie is persuaded to take him to Italy to recuperate 
Charlie is an independent free spirited person who felt neglected in her marriage and forced to change and that bitterness is a key factor in the start which did at times make it harder to understand her and sympathise but as the story develops she becomes a more rounded person who I grew to love 
My initial views on Matteo were influenced by Charlie but once I started to understand him he became easier to like. He is determined to change and to save his marriage especially once he realises how important it is. Those changes make him feel more real to me and more of a person who I respect
Matteo and Charlie’s story is well written and in a beautiful setting but it was difficult for me to read, mostly because it’s what happens after the fairytale and about losing your individuality which is something that I fear but I did love how the characters learnt to be themselves and what is important in life
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a romance that looks at some of the difficulties in marriage but also the power of love and dreams 
AM 🐾 x

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