A New Foundation by Rochelle Alers


Engaging with a lot of character struggles 
Sonja has been hired by Taylor to catalogue the items in his families recently discovered mansion but it will bring about changes in both their lives 
I liked Sonja, she is good at what she does and has a veneer of being ok even when she is struggling with her past. Trust is the most important thing for her in any kind of relationship and understanding her backstory means that this makes sense and it makes her stronger as a character
Taylor has had people judge him on his past previously and this has made him wary. He is very protective of his family and wants people to like him for who he is not for what they think he can give them. He respects Sonja’s boundaries and empowers her to dictate their relationship and for me this really worked and made me start to love him 
So much of this story is written from Sonja’s point of view that it can at times be hard to get a read on Taylor which made it more difficult to understand him but at the same time allowed me to see more into Sonja’s life and how she develops into the person she could be 
I will admit to being a bit disappointed at the end as I really wanted to know what happens next, if they restore the building, what secrets they uncover and how it comes together but I think that’s just me and how my brain works in situations like this. I do think it would also work if this was part of a series looking at each of the siblings and how they come together restoring the mansion and as such I will be keeping an eye out for their stories 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a romance with a lot of character development with some secrets and troubles in their past but who will push past this to become lodged in your heart 
AM 🐾 x

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