Nurse’s One-Night Baby Surprise by Louisa George


The trials of a modern family 
Following the death of his daughters mother and her getting into trouble with the police in London, Fraser and Lily have moved to the Lake District where Lily’s mothers best friend and Lily’s godmother Briana lives 
I liked Fraser as a character, he is a dedicated dad and he puts Lily first even though he does have trouble with her adjusting to their new life and being a teenager. He doesn’t want to be attracted to Briana but he can’t help it and with her he learns so much about himself and what he wants from life 
Briana has been hurt badly in the past and she has problems trusting people however she wants to build a relationship with Lily and make sure that she has a female influence in her life to support her and be there for her. She perseveres with Lily and I really liked this part of her character, she supports people to become better people through her work as a school outreach nurse and some of her anti bullying techniques sound like they could translate to the real world. Her trust issues and anger towards Fraser makes their relationship harder and although I understood the reasoning behind it, I still struggled at times with this part of her character. She wants to be safe and in control of her life which can be destructive behaviour but can also make her a stronger character as she begins to trust again 
I’m not going to lie, I found the premise of this book a little weird, Briana has a relationship with her dead best friends co-parent which felt a bit strange to me and made it harder for me to connect to the characters. However this book did catch my attention and I ended up reading it in one evening. The focus is on the relationships between Fraser, Briana and Lily, how things can change and how challenged can both draw you together but also force you apart 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a romance in a fabulous setting that focuses on the lives of the characters and how relationships evolve 
AM 🐾 x

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