Awakening His Shy Cinderella by Sophie Pembroke


Friendship or could it be more?

Rachel is one of those people who is often overlooked, she knows how to fade into the background but when she accompanies her best friends brother, Damon, to a TV quiz recording her life starts to change
I loved Rachel, she is walked over by her family but she is also incredibly creative and has a talent for shop windows as well as social media. She is used to being in the background but this Christmas she is determined that things will change and seeing her develop and come out of her shell as the book progressed made her even more of a rounded character and someone I wish I could be like 
Damon has struggled in life with his academic family, he instead went in a different direction with his own successful company. It has however impacted on his view of the world and the relationships he has but he has always been fascinated with Rachel and seeing him learn what is important in his life made him a character I could love. He does struggle at times, he isn’t perfect but I think that’s part of his charm and something that works so well for his character 
This book looks at what is important in life and how Rachel changes and becomes the person she had only dreamed of being. This is more Rachel’s story but that works so well and what had me hooked, especially as she is a character I could relate to and want to be like 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a romance that challenges the characters and which will draw you into the story
AM 🐾 x

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