Folly at Sausmarez Manor (Majestic Estates Series) by IreAnne Chambers


A brilliant mix of drama, danger and intrigue 
Lady Cordelia is stuck in a tomb with archeologist Marshall, the Marquess of Daventry and once she is rescued she is kidnapped 
This book is really hard to review and not give spoilers but I will do my best
I loved Marshall, he is protective of Delia but is also an independent character. He is strong and confident but also vulnerable at times which made him feel more real. He is the kind of gentleman who I would love to rescue me if something happened so I think this helped me to love him more 
It took me longer to understand and therefore warm to Delia, she is more nervous and cautious about the things in her life and is used to her wishes being overlooked by her domineering parents. I think part of what made me struggle with her was that she didn’t realise the danger that she put herself in and that when she was in a difficult situation it seemed that she wanted to be rescued rather than fighting for herself
This book looks at something that I didn’t really know about, the myths and legends of Guernsey, and they form a huge part of the story which worked really well and made me enjoy the story even more 
There is so much drama and danger in this book that it had me hooked and wanting to keep reading. The descriptions made it feel like I was there and part of the story, I could feel the emotions that the characters went through and I think this really helped me to become invested in Delia and Marshall’s story
I would recommend this novella to those who enjoy a story full of drama and surprises that will capture your interest and with characters who will pull you in deeper 
AM 🐾 x

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