Bound by a Ring and a Secret by Jennifer Faye


A book that looks at the importance of dreams 
Dario and Gianna are both running from their pasts but when they accidentally end up living together it makes them question their long held beliefs 
Gianna is a fabulous character, she is a camerawomen and a photographer but also a perfectionist in what she does which allows her work to connect to people. She isn’t interested in lots of money or fame but instead would rather get out in nature and take photos which is her true passion. She is the kind of character who I would love to meet! 
Dario is a rich businessman but his passion is writing and he has already written an international best seller but he is stuck on how to make his next book right so the publishers will accept it. I suspect that many of the emotions Dario goes through in terms of his writing would ring true to many authors and this did help him to feel more human for me. He has insecurities and is anxious about his writing, especially as his family wouldn’t approve but seeing him become more confident about what he wants made him a character who I could relate more strongly to and made me love him more and more 
Both Gianna and Dario develop and change so much throughout the book but this was needed for them as they realised that some of their priorities may not be the same as they used to be. They needed the support and encouragement from each other to become the characters I knew they could be and that is something which drew me into their world and had me so invested in the outcome of their story
I became so totally addicted to their world and their story that I read this book in one sitting and it’s a book that I would definitely recommend to those who enjoy a romance that looks at the characters hopes and dreams whilst also challenges them, and all in an amazing setting 
AM 🐾 x

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