The Viking Chief’s Marriage Alliance by Lucy Morris

The Viking Chiefs Cover

A challenging wife

For a warrior Viking

When Thorstein Bergson rescues a beautiful woman from a storm-tossed longship he little expects to broker a powerful marriage alliance with her. This high-status ice queen is not the comfortable wife this warrior chief is seeking, but maybe the bittersweet pain in Gyda’s eyes hides another woman beneath? The one he tasted that first night, when she kissed him with such pent-up longing…


Oh my gosh! Totally fabulous
Gyda has left her home town following the death of her husband and ends up shipwrecked on the shores of England and rescued by local landowner Thorstien and they end up married to each other and Gyda has about 3 months to prove to Thorstien that she can be a good wife otherwise they will get a divorce 
Gyda has had a tough life and Thorstien doesn’t make things easy for her but he starts to accept her and the people of his settlement start to really like her, especially when she does things for them. It was hard to get to know Gyda because she was so restrained and controlled but as she became more comfortable she opened up as a character and it meant that more information about her past came to light and I could bond to her a lot easier as I started to understand her and by the end I totally loved her 
Thorstien really doesn’t want to be married to Gyda, he thinks she’s rich, motivated by money and shallow and reading from his point of view I could totally see why he thought that but as he starts to get to know her more he realises that some of his assumptions may have been wrong. He has been traumatised by his first wife’s behaviour and because he sees Gyda in a similar light he pushes her away. He is in charge but also kind, thoughtful and loved by the people he rules over and these traits really shine through, especially as he develops more as a character
I loved reading Thorstien and Gydas story, the emotions they, and as a result I, went through felt so real and their determination as well as their struggles shone through and had me captivated 
I will admit that I didn’t know much about the Viking way of life but the superb storytelling of this book brought their world alive and had me wanting to know more and as a result I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a historical novel that will pull you in and have your emotions all over the place the further you read 
AM 🐾 x

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Author Bio 

Lucy Morris lives in Essex, UK, with her husband, two young children and two cats. She has a massively sweet tooth and loves gin, bubbly and Irn-Bru. A member of the UK Romantic Novelists’ Association, she was delighted to accept a two-book deal with Harlequin after submitting her story to the Warriors Wanted submission blitz for Viking, Medieval and Highlander romances.

Writing for Harlequin Historical is a dream come true for her and she hopes you enjoy her books!

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