From Best Friend to Fiancée by Ellie Darkins


Emotional rollercoaster 
Lara is a social media influencer and Jannes is a professional yachtsman. They have been friends for years but Jannes is in danger of losing sponsorship because of newspaper reports claiming he is a playboy so he and Lara decide that they will fake date each other to stop the reports and to give him his professional image back
I loved Lara, she is a fun and genuine character. She was emotionally hurt when she was younger and it still haunts her so seeing her have to face some of her fears and realising that maybe she doesn’t have to go through everything alone makes her feel like a stronger person. She was instantly likeable and I found myself loving her more as the book went on
Because more of the story is written from Lara’s point of view it was harder for me to “get” Jannes initially but as the story developed and seeing him through Lara’s eyes did help me to start to adore him very quickly. Like Lara he had some emotional issues from his childhood that were still affecting his life but they were so much a part of his character and what motivated him to be the person he is now that seeing them challenged and his reaction made him a stronger character in my eyes which made me adore him even more
They challenged each other and led me onto an emotional rollercoaster as they and their relationship changed and developed making them look more at themselves and what is most important in their lives and as a result their story pulled me in and didn’t let me go as I ended up desperate to know what would happen next and if they were able to become the people I knew they could be
Both Lara, Jannes and their world felt so real to me that at times I forgot that it was fiction and wanted to look them up online so it will come as no surprise to hear that I totally loved this book which I would recommend to those who enjoy a romance with amazing characters who have to fight against the odds for their happy ending
AM 🐾 x

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