The Greek’s Hidden Vows by Maya Blake


An emotional whirlwind 
Christos is a ruthless divorce lawyer with a secret, to appease his grandfather and in an attempt to claim the private island he loved as a child, he secretly married his assistant Alexis
I liked Alexis, she is strong, confident and capable. She doesn’t let Christos walk all over her and she knows what she wants but she is also vulnerable with her hopes and fears shining through her personality making her seem more genuine to me as a character 
Christos only married Alexis because it was the only way to get his grandfathers private island and I think in a way that almost sums up a big part of his character. He is ruthless and determined to get his own way, he doesn’t let other people get in the way and if he feels like they have failed him then you really don’t want to be on the receiving end of his wrath. However his ruthless exterior hides the loveable and emotionally vulnerable person that he is which really helped me to understand him more and to very quickly adore him 
Both Christos and Alexis have major unresolved childhood issues that followed them into adulthood and which impact almost everything they do but I think that in a way, to me at least, this made them feel more real and genuine characters, especially as a big part of the story looks at those issues and makes them question their beliefs 
I ended up getting quite emotionally involved with Alexis and Christos lives and their story and this book also has some amazing locations that I would love to visit which I think helped to pull me in even deeper! 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a story with a lot of drama that will catch your attention set in some amazing locations that will have you dreaming of a holiday
AM 🐾 x

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