The Travel in Between by Chloe Stevenson

While her friends were busy building careers, getting engaged and signing mortgages, Claire Baxter was busy travelling the world. Finding herself back in Australia with no degree, no career and no direction, twenty-something Claire is feeling a little left behind in life when she unexpectedly inherits her grandfather’s 1968 Kombi van. Falling in love with Rusty  Frank’s nostalgic if slightly impractical charm, Claire embarks on a new journey: to restore Frank to road-trip readiness with the help of her overly enthusiastic father and a grumpy, if handsome, mechanic.

As she juggles the upcoming wedding of one of her best friends and the relationship breakdown of another – all while navigating more than enough woes of her own in the love department – Claire finds herself trying to fix more than just a geriatric van with some concerning rust bubbles.

This millennial twist on Pride and Prejudice takes a refreshing, quirky and unashamed look at the unpredictable lessons that life throws at you when you least expect them – like when you find yourself creeping closer to thirty,  working at a coffee shop and living in a granny flat in your parents’  Canberra backyard. Those times in life when you find yourself questioning your own purpose in the world.

The Travel in Between is an honest and insightful Australian story about all those little things we don’t really think about but all experience when wading through the murky waters of love, friendship and family.


Strange but gripping 
Claire has been travelling the world and now she is back in Australia, living in a granny flat in her parents garden deciding what she wants to do next. Inspiration strikes when her grandmother gifts her her vintage Volkswagen Kombi van called Frank 
I wasn’t sure on Claire, at times she seems quite shallow and self centred but then she would do something and I would totally love her. She is loyal to her best friends and would do almost anything for them whilst also being supportive and there for those she cares about. I did struggle with her romantic relationships, especially with George, because I don’t get enough detail about them to be as invested in them as I wanted to be
This book is more about Claire’s journey to become more herself, to understand what is important in her life and that jetting off round the world might not solve anything, instead a rusty Kombi van coming into her life might change everything 
Frank the Kombi van is such a key character that I couldn’t write this review without a mention of him. If you are anything like me then you probably won’t know what a vintage Kombi van is so have a quick look online, they are the old VW campervans that you see out and about. I loved reading about his restoration and the delight the characters got from seeing him up and running. Frank has a huge amount of charm and character and I ended up being so invested in him and the journey that he and Claire go on that I would almost be tempted to go travelling in a Kombi myself! 
This book is a story of self development and Claire learning what is important in her life. The book takes the reader on a journey which caught my attention and I’m sure will capture the hearts of many other readers. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a book with a slight difference, a lot of fabulous characters and obstacles that need to be overcomes the characters can become the people you knew they could be right from the start
AM 🐾 x


Author Bio
Chloe Stevenson lives in Canberra with her two fluffy mops, parading as dogs, and her 1977 Kombi Van Sadie. Chloe is a Communications Advisor, an Air Force Officer, a  terrible gardener, and a lover of literary, vintage, and wretchedly colourful things.


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