From Ireland With Love by Liz Hurley


Nick Byrne knows she’s the sensible one of the five Hiverton sisters. Independent, motivated, and successfully running her own business – she has never settled for anything less. And certainly, never used her family estate to give her a leg up.

But as an investigation is launched into her trading company, Nick’s world begins to crumble. Suddenly out of work, her mind wanders to her father – what would he do? She hardly knows anything of her orphaned parent and longs to find answers – some which will hopefully guide her.

With her newly gifted dog for company, Nick sets off to Ireland to retrace her family history. However, the high-flying city girl soon learns that every adventure comes with a few surprises – even in the shape of a romance.

Will Nick discover more about her father’s hidden past – or will she take home more than she bargained for?…

Be inspired by this feel good romcom, for fans of Trisha Ashley and Cathy Bramley.


Nicoletta is a city trader who is being investigated by the Financial Conduct Authority, she knows she’s innocent but someone seems to have something against her. She goes to Ireland to look into her families background and whilst there she meets Gabe and all of the sudden things aren’t as simple as they were 
I loved Nick, she is smart, calm and collected. She knows she hasn’t done anything wrong but the investigation still causes her a huge amount of anxiety which I think is totally normal! She has a really close bond with her sisters and they all rally round to support her when she needs them and she would do anything for them
I adored Gabe, he has been sent to Ireland by his father to follow Nick but instead he meets Letta who he quickly starts to fall for, not realising that they are the same person. He is really close to his twin brother and with his support he offers Nick the use of the house they are renovating to gain full independence from their father when she needs to get out of London. He was drawn to her right from the start and his nature means he doesn’t want to do anything to hurt her but when things get difficult, at each turn he does things that support her, even if she will never know which made me love him even more 
Family is a huge part of this book, both the relationships people have with them and finding lost family and I think this worked so well. It allowed Nick to escape and finding out about her fathers past helped her to feel closer to him and eventually better understand what had really happened. Gabe on the other hand has a troubled relationship with his father and his older half siblings but is close to his mother and brother and this influences him throughout the book leading to challenges and asking what is really important 
Nick and Gabes relationship isn’t hugely traditional given the amount of drama and the troubles they have but they are still pulled towards each other anyway. I found myself routing for them and so quickly got caught up in this book that I forgot it was bedtime! 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a romance full of drama that focuses on family and which at times asks some difficult questions 
AM 🐾 x

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Author Bio 

Finalist for the 2021 Romantic Novelists Association Debut Romantic Novel Award for A New Life for Ariana Byrne

Liz Hurley writes exciting and heart-warming stories that will make you cheer and laugh. Her heroines are overflowing with grit, gumption and good old-fashioned gorgeousness!

Author of
Dear Diary, a prequel to the Hiverton Sister series.
A New Life for Ariana Byrne. Book 1 / Hiverton Sister series
High Heels in the Highlands. Book 2 / Hiverton Sisters series
Cornish Dreams at Cockleshell Cottage. Book 3 / Hiverton Sisters series.

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