The Girl from Bletchley Park by Kathleen McGurl


A country at war. A heartbreaking betrayal.

  1. Three years into the war, Pam turns down her hard-won place at Oxford University to become a codebreaker at Bletchley Park. There, she meets two young men, both keen to impress her, and Pam finds herself falling hard for one of them. But as the country’s future becomes more uncertain by the day, a tragic turn of events casts doubt on her choice – and Pam’s loyalty is pushed to its limits…

Present day. Julia is struggling to juggle her career, two children and a husband increasingly jealous of her success. Her brother presents her with the perfect distraction: forgotten photos of their grandmother as a young woman at Bletchley Park. Why did her grandmother never speak of her time there? The search for answers leads Julia to an incredible tale of betrayal and bravery – one that inspires some huge decisions of her own…


Pamela is a skilled mathematician who has been offered a place at Oxford University to study maths but she has been given an opportunity to work at the top secret wartime code breaking HQ of Bletchley Park. Julia is Pamela’s granddaughter and the discovery of a box of documents and photographs lead her into discovering more about her grandmothers time in the war, something she never spoke about
I loved both Julia and Pamela, they are strong and independent women who have to go through some really difficult times but they come out stronger. There were twists ins both of their stories that I wasn’t expecting and experiencing their worlds from their own point of view really worked for me. I think a part of me felt closer to Pamela than I did to Julia, there was something in Pam’s life that drew me in and had me addicted to her story a lot quicker than Julia’s. I struggled more with Julia as she was so different to me and it was harder for me to place myself into her world but as she started to open up and things became clearer I liked her more and more and by the end I was routing for her
Both Julia and Pamela had challenges and situations thrown at them and it was through these that I was able to fully understand them as characters and feel their emotions along with them and they felt more and more real
I was so absorbed in this book that it was only when the kindle got to 1% battery remaining that I realised the time which I think really shows the depth of the research and writing that had me hooked right from the very first page
I also loved the fact that the story focussed on the other side of Bletchley, the less famous one, not Enigma but the Newmanry where teams decoded teleprinter messages sent by the Nazi high command. This part of Bletchley’s story is so easily forgotten and I may not have understood it as well if I hadn’t watched a documentary on the Tunny code (as they called it), they were the team that used a number of machines including one of the first programmable computers called Colossus but who’s work was so shrouded in secrecy that it didn’t start to come out until the early 1990’s. I visited Bletchley Park years ago and really want to go again and I would recommend visiting, especially to the readers of the book so things can come to life more in your head (as it did in mine) 
I totally loved this book right from the very first page and I would recommend it to those who enjoy a book full of emotional drama with a storyline that will catch your interest and such detailed research that you will forget that it isn’t real 
AM 🐾 x

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Kathleen McGurl lives near the coast in Christchurch, England. She writes dual timeline novels in which a historical mystery is uncovered and resolved in the present day. She is married to an Irishman and has two adult sons. She enjoys travelling, especially in her motorhome around Europe.

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