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Deadly Night by OMJ Ryan


Totally gripping 
Detective Chief Inspector Jane Phillips has been assigned a weird murder case, the victim was shot in the eye and his tooth removed. It mirrors a past crime but is it linked and if it is, what’s the motive? 
I totally loved this book and it caught my attention right from the very start
Jane and her team work well together and form a unit that is stronger than anything, they have trust and loyalty which only develops throughout the story. I think that part of what drew me further into the book was that something happens that makes the reader more attached to Jane and seeing more of her personality come out, some good and some not so good. This sounds super vague and apologies for that, I’m trying to write without spoilers! 
I was hooked with this book, the oddity of the murders and the characters involved that I read it over 2 nights, and way past bedtime, because I didn’t want to put it down. The story drew me in, with so many twists and turns that at times it was hard to keep up, but as a reader, that was truly fabulous and had me guessing right up to the end
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a story that will pull you in and won’t let go
AM 🐾 x

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Murder By The Shore by Gretta Mulrooney


Totally gripping 
A man and his granddaughter have been murdered just before the start of her 4th birthday party and it’s up to DI Siv Drummond and her team to solve the case 
This book is set from many different perspectives but the main characters and points of view are from Siv and her team and I really enjoyed being able to see the investigation from the different angles. I will admit that I do at times struggle with Siv, she lost her husband and moved to the south coast to work but she can be self centred and for lack of a better word, annoying. However she is also a brilliant detective and I have to respect her for that, she doesn’t settle and comes up with ideas that might seem crazy but she manages to solve some truly strange cases
This story had me hooked from the very beginning, what can be more dramatic than a murder just before a birthday party? And I couldn’t figure out who the killer might have been, it was a total shock at the end when I found out as it was someone I wasn’t expecting but I can’t carry on too much in case I accidentally give away spoilers so anyways, this book had me questioning what was happening, what secrets people were keeping and why
As the story developed it pulled me deeper and deeper until by the end I was unable to put it down and as such, this book is one that I really enjoyed reading and it’s a crime drama that I would recommend to people who love a story that will keep you questioning and that will keep you on the edge of your seat 
AM 🐾 x

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His Country Cinderella by Karen Rose Smith


Feels perfect
Following a tragic incident at one of his concerts, country music star Zane is in hiding in a mountain house in small town America. His aim for peace and minimal contact with the outside world is thrown up in the air when he meets Jeannette, his cleaning lady, and her adorable son Jonah 
Jeannette has had to work hard her whole life and since she has had Jonah she has made sure that her son has everything he needs, including her time. Her life is still very intwined with the parents of Jonah’s father who died before he was born and her relationship with them is a big part of the story but it shows how Jeannette develops and changes throughout. Zanes desire to hide away was suggested by his lawyer following the incident at the concert and he has his emotional walls firmly up until Jeannette and Jonah burst into his life. His struggles with his emotions and his relationship with music are all bought together and show how the two have such a big impact on him
This story has a lot of focus on the characters development and their surroundings, the peacefulness and the power of the outdoors to bring people together and I loved seeing how they challenge each other and even with Zanes fame, they still fight to see what is important to them
I think one of my favourite characters has to be Jonah, he has such a strong bond with his mum but he accepts Zane. He is independent but you can feel the love for him coming off the page and it’s Jonah who at times sets into motion the small things that start to have a big impact
It’s really hard for me to write this review and not give spoilers so I do apologise if I have accidentally put any in. The characters and their story really spoke to me and they felt so real which is probably why I ended up so entangled with them and so addicted to their story and their world 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a book that has a lot of character development and challenges the characters as well as the reader with stereotypes and will drag you in and keep you reading until the very end 
AM 🐾 x

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The Railway Murders by J R Ellis


A man has been shot dead in a vintage railway carriage and it’s up to DCI Jim Oldroyd to try and uncover the mystery behind it 
This book is set from various points of view, the main being the police but I enjoyed the variety of the other characters and seeing things from their perspective. The police team have worked together in the past and Jim has a habit of solving mysterious crimes that seem impossible which is mentioned and why he is bought onto the case. He is the main character and I enjoyed reading about his thoughts and processes but at the same time, the other members of the police team bought it all together and made it feel more rounded 
I loved the heritage railway setting and it showed an aspect that may not normally be thought of, how they run and the business behind the heritage front. The railway volunteers play a huge part in the story and seeing their passion for what they do made the railway come alive for me and reminded me of how much I enjoy travelling on heritage railways, especially steam trains! 
I enjoyed this book, it was a relatively quick read that had me hooked from the beginning. One of the reasons that I hesitated in giving it five stars was that randomly the characters would be referred to by their last names, even though most of the time they use first names, which made it confusing and more complicated than it needed to be. It didn’t spoil the book but it was something that I wasn’t a fan of and it would make more sense to me if the author kept the names consistent throughout
This book has a fabulous mix of intrigue, drama and personal relationships which came together to make a gripping read that I loved. I would recommend it to those who enjoy a detective story that is slightly out of the ordinary but which will catch your attention and have you hooked 
AM 🐾 x

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It Started With A Vegas Wedding by Jessica Gilmore


On a work trip to Las Vegas Willow nearly gets hit by a car, her saviour is her bosses son Logan and after a whirlwind day together they decide to get married with the plan to get the wedding annulled very soon afterwards. However Logan gets in an accident and forgets that he is married until his father mentions him having to marry to continue the family line and that means he will need Willows help
Willow plans everything and has goals in her life that she wants and feels like she needs to achieve to prove to herself that she is successful and not the person she was as a child. Logan does a lot of more extreme sports, especially on the water but he also has a very strained relationship with his father who wants him to take over the family firm and his mother died young so he has a lot of emotional issues, some that may threaten his future with Willow
I loved Logan and Willows story, they both have their own personalities and their plans in life. It could be said that they are very different people and their relationship couldn’t work but the more the story progresses, the more it becomes clear that they both have a lot more in common than they, and the reader, initially realises
They are a couple who know what they want but the turbulence of everything that happens throughout the book keeps the reader hooked and I absolutely loved one of the chapters near the end, I can’t go into detail because of spoilers, but it made the story for me and showed what is important in life 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a book that grips you and will pull you in right from the very beginning and that will make you invested in Willow and Logan’s story right up until the last page
AM 🐾 x

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The Lost Laird from Her Past by Jeanine Englert

The Lost Laird fom Her Past Mills and Boon FINAL COVER

A second chance…With her first love!

Lady Brenna Stewart is grateful to be saved from her burning carriage—only her rescuer is Laird Garrick MacLean, the man she once loved and lost! He seems determined to protect her from the unknown enemy pursuing her across the Scottish Highlands. But, bitterly hurt by his past betrayal, she needs answers. Why did he abandon her? And how can she keep her heart safe now, when the connection between them is as strong as ever…


Totally gripping 
Garrick finds Brenna after a carriage accident and once they realise that someone is trying to kill her they make plans to get to her sisters house for safety but Garrick and Brenna were once close to being engaged and he disappeared without a trace… 
I loved Brenna, she is strong and determined, even though she doesn’t always feel that way, she is smart and was trying to take control of her life, even if things don’t always quite go to plan! Garrick left to go to rescue his sister but she is killed and he feels responsible so he kept away from his home and family, believing that he wasn’t worthy of them, and especially not worthy of Brenna. He is stubborn and resourceful, he is determined to keep Brenna safe but she makes him look inside himself and question his beliefs 
This book is full of danger and drama, set at a time when the English King was trying to take over the Scottish Highlands, Brenna and Garrick find themselves in the middle of a plot that could change their world but they must work together to find out what is going on and to keep Brenna safe, even if their feelings for each other aren’t quite as in the past as they had hoped 
I loved this book from the very first page, we were first introduced to Brenna and Garrick as part of her sister Moira’s story and I’m so glad that I was able to read their story, and become entwined in their lives. The danger at times felt so real that I had to remind myself that I was at home and safe, but that just shows how pulled in I was. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a romance full of drama and danger that will catch your attention and at times leave you gasping for breath with characters who you will adore
AM 🐾 x 

Purchase Link –

Author Bio 

The Highlanders - Jeanine Englert Headshot 2018 Pasley background

Jeanine Englert’s love affair with mysteries and romance began with Nancy Drew, Murder She Wrote, and her Grandmother’s bookshelves full of romance novels. She is a VIVIAN® and Golden Heart® Finalist as well as a Silver Falchion, Maggie, and Daphne du Maurier Award Winner in historical romance and mystery. Her Scottish Highland historical and historical romantic suspense novels revolve around characters seeking self-acceptance and redemption. When she isn’t wrangling with her characters on the page, she can be found trying to convince her husband to watch her latest Masterpiece or BBC show obsession. She loves to talk about books, writing, her beloved rescue pups, as well as mysteries and romance with other readers. Visit her website at

Social Media Links –




Goodreads:  The Lost Laird from Her Past by Jeanine Englert (




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The Lost Laird - TLLFHP NA Cover March 2022

Whether it’s too cold, too hot, or too rainy where you are, you can while away the hours with the first two books in the Falling for a Stewart SeriesEloping with the Laird and The Lost Laird from Her Past! Your prize also includes two Scottish blessing bracelets, one for you and one for a friend, and some lovely book swag! Happy reading!

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A Defiant Maiden’s Knight by Melissa Oliver

A Defiant Maiden's Knight Cover

A knight’s protection…That she doesn’t want…or need?

Joan Lovent may be losing her sight but she refuses to lose her independence too. So when Sir Warin de Talmont tells her it’s too perilous to be out alone in the city, she doesn’t pay him any heed. But with threats surrounding them, she begins to value his protection and helps with his dangerous work in return. If only the powerful connection between them wasn’t so impossible to ignore!


Totally brilliant and amazing
Warin is one of the Knights of Fortitude, tasked with protecting Henry III but his friend and fellow knight Thomas has also asked him to keep an eye on and protect his sister Joan whilst he is away from London 
I loved Joan as a character, she has an eye condition that is worsening and will one day make her blind but she is still determined to lead a relatively normal life and doesn’t let her condition stop her from doing anything she wants to. She is smart and protective of those she cares about and won’t let someone telling her that she can’t do something stop her which made me love her even more as a character. Warin doesn’t want to have to look after Joan and definitely doesn’t want her involved in the investigation of a plot against the King but she won’t take no for an answer and he soon learns just how valuable she can be. Warin is haunted by the death of his first wife but that doesn’t stop Joan getting under his skin and I loved seeing this big, strong, brave knight coming under her spell
Warin and Joan’s story caught me from the very first chapter and reminded me that anything can be possible, you may just have to do things for yourself or fight for what you believe in. They are both characters who are determined to get their own way but those sparks just made me love them more and I can’t wait for the next book in the series to find out more about the investigation Warin and his fellow knights are doing, the intrigue, drama and danger of it pulled me in and now has me wondering about what is happening and if the knights can stop the plot in time 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a story with characters who you will love right from the start, a mystery and a story of personal change and development that will have you hooked right from the start
AM 🐾 x

UK Harper Collins-

Harlequin US

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Author Bio 

The Rebel Heiress - Melissa Oliver pic

Melissa Oliver is from south-west London where she writes historical romance novels. She lives with her lovely husband and daughters, who share her passion for decrepit, old castles, palaces and all things historical.

Melissa is the WINNER of The Romantic Novelist Association’s Joan Hessayon Award for new writers 2020 for her debut, The Rebel Heiress and the Knight.

When she’s not writing she loves to travel for inspiration, paint, and visit museums & art galleries.

Social Media Links

Instagram @melissaoliverauthor

Twitter @melissaoauthor 

Facebook @melissaoliverauthor

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They Had Eyes of Silver by S E Davis




A secret lineage. A family cursed. A forbidden love that can’t be denied.

Veterinarian Reina Kirke is exhausted. So, when her best friend suggests a European vacation, she doesn’t hesitate. A much-needed break and a chance to investigate her mysterious family tree sound perfect. Too bad she’s in no way prepared for what she finds. The fairytale town in Belgium hides family secrets grounded in the supernatural. Legends of werewolves and witches surround her, and a taboo love affair threatens to pull her into a danger she might not be able to handle.

What seems like a chance encounter with Blaise Woodward, a brooding hunk with his own secrets, sets up a sequence of events that could unravel both of their families as they realize their deep connection to each other is generations old. But only one thing is certain.

Their lives will never be the same…



Reina has travelled to Belgium with her best friend Alek to try and find out more about her ancestors and whilst she is there she encounters Blaise but he is keeping a huge secret from Reina that could cause a lot of problems if its discovered by the wrong people
Blaise and his family are a form of werewolves, known by them a Wulfin, who have been bound by an ancient curse that Reina’s family had something to do with
There are so many characters in this book who I adored, not just Reina and Blaise and I think that drew me in even more, I became invested in them, their stories and their lives. Reina however is totally fabulous, she is a skilled  martial artist, with exceptional speed, can read Latin and is way more accepting of things than I think I would be. Blaise is affected by his past and his family bond and that came through so strongly, he is smart and determined, and his mind can work out how to get around certain obstacles, which I loved! 
I found this book a bit odd at times but it caught my attention very early on and I was totally hooked, Reina’s family history is a lot more complicated that expected and to be honest, I’m not totally sure that all my questions were answered but that only makes me want to read the next book in the series to find out more
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a romance full of action and drama that will make you question what you think you know and which made me wonder and dream of wolves and magic 

AM 🐾 x

Purchase Link –


Author Bio 

They Had Eyes Author

S E Davis is a veterinarian and advocate for werewolf health. She lives on the North Dakota prairie with her family and a Weimaraner who understands shifting into human form is not necessary for being part of the pack.

Social Media Links





Giveaway to Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card (Open INT)

*Terms and Conditions –Worldwide entries welcome.  Please enter using the Rafflecopter box below.  The winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter from all valid entries and will be notified by Twitter and/or email. If no response is received within 7 days then Rachel’s Random Resources reserves the right to select an alternative winner. Open to all entrants aged 18 or over.  Any personal data given as part of the competition entry is used for this purpose only and will not be shared with third parties, with the exception of the winners’ information. This will passed to the giveaway organiser and used only for fulfilment of the prize, after which time Rachel’s Random Resources will delete the data.  I am not responsible for despatch or delivery of the prize.

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The Viking She Would Have Married by Lucy Morris

The Viking She Would Have Married 9780008919818

In close quarters… With the Viking she’d loved and lost

A Shieldmaiden Sisters story—with her family fallen on hard times, Valda’s forced to join the crew on Halfdan Ulfsson’s merchant ship as he sets sail on the treacherous silk route. But this handsome jarl’s son is the man she’d planned to wed, until his bitter betrayal. Knowing she can never trust him, she must focus on saving her sisters…and not the intense connection that still burns between them!

Passion erupts when these bold, spirited Vikings are reunited!


Valda is a Viking Shieldmaiden, a woman who can fight, but her family have fallen on hard times and she needs to earn enough silver so they can get land for a farm. The trader who offers her a place on his ship is her ex Halfdan who broke her heart… 
I loved both Valda and Halfdan. I previously met Valda in one of Ms Morris’ precious books and I’m so glad I got to read her story, she is a strong, determined and independent woman who has been hurt by men in the past and this does affect her outlook but I still found myself loving her so quickly, she isn’t a traditional main character, but then again this isn’t a traditional historical romance! Halfdan is still haunted by his breakup with Valda but he is also determined to get his half brother released from his fathers capture (as an aside, we do get to find out Eriks story next and I can’t wait!) but anyways where was I, Halfdan is honourable and in command but he rules with respect and not fear which I found very important and made me warm to him so quickly, he quickly became a character who I loved and I was totally caught up in his and Valdas story 
Both of them are very caught up in their past relationship, it’s a big part of the story and it didn’t surprise me at all when the flames came alive rekindling their romance again. They are brilliant characters but they are surrounded by so many fabulous people, I can’t write about them all but know that without them, the story wouldn’t be as good as it is! 
I don’t have much experience of Viking dragon boats and the culture as it’s not a part of history I was taught, but this book seamlessly mixes history with the story so the reader is drawn in and is pulled away from their everyday life and into the story and I loved this
As I’m sure you can tell, I totally adored this book and I would recommend it to so many people but especially those who enjoy a romance full of drama with characters who you will adore! 
AM 🐾 x

Purchase Links –

Author Bio 

The Viking She Would Have Married Headshot_GoodReads

Lucy Morris has always been obsessed with myths and legends. Her books blend sweeping romance with vivid worldbuilding to whisk you away to another time and place filled with adventure. Expect passion, drama and vibrant characters.

Lucy lives in Essex, UK, with her husband, two children, and two cats. She has a massively sweet tooth and loves Terry’s Chocolate Oranges and Irn-Bru. In her spare time she likes to explore castles with her family, or drink bubbly with her friends.

Social Media Links –

The Viking She Would Have Married Full Tour Banner

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The Viscount’s Lady Novelist by Alissa Baxter

The Viscount's Lady Novelist

Harriet Linfield is a lady novelist who has been disillusioned by love. She sets out to write more realistic tales about the emotion when she returns home to Linfield Court for the summer. Vowing to avoid any romantic entanglements along the way, she focuses instead on her writing and her plan to turn the estate she inherited from her uncle into a refuge for orphans.

Oliver, Viscount Wentford, is determined to restore his family fortunes. But his plans for the estate he inherited are in direct opposition to the wishes of Harriet, his new neighbour. Upon meeting her, Oliver is amused when, in response to his provocative comments, she informs him that she intends to make him the villain of her next book. But his amusement swiftly turns to dismay when circumstances align to show him in that exact light.

When an enemy comes back into Harriet’s life, she sees that love isn’t as clear-cut as the romantic tales she pens. But will the viscount manage to discard his villainous mantle to become Harriet’s real-life hero?



Full of drama
Harriet is an heiress who has dreams of becoming a novelist but her life gets turned upside down when she meets her brothers friend, Oliver
Oliver is a geologist but is also incredibly knowledgeable about most things in the natural world so is incredibly different to Harriet who doesn’t have the same interest in nature. She sees the world through the writers artistic eye instead of the scientific one that Oliver and most of her family do, but these differences make them characters who work so well together. They start to find more common ground as the story goes on and their friendship develops quite fast and before too long so do their feelings towards each other
This book also has its own amount of drama, Harriet was previously half engaged to a man who turned out to be nothing like what she thought and who shot her brother. However he is back and is somehow leaving letters that she sent him in her room during events making Harriet fear for her safety, if he can get letters in then he can also harm her and I will admit this part of the story had a huge twist that I wasn’t expecting which helped to pull me in even further
I loved reading Harriet and Oliver’s story, there are so many hurdles that they have to cross but I was routing for them from very early on and seeing how their relationship developed and they started to understand parts of themselves that they didn’t think were there have made them characters who I will go back to again and again
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a historical romance full of drama and emotion that will keep you on your toes and unable to stop reading
AM 🐾 x


“A charming love story set in the English countryside that’s grounded in impeccable research.” ~ Kirkus Reviews

“Alissa Baxter’s writing is period perfect.” ~ Mimi Matthews, USA Today bestselling author of The Matrimonial Advertisement

“This book is gorgeous!” ~ Rachel Burton, author of The Tearoom on the Bay

“A truly traditional Regency romance, with lots of witty banter, very reminiscent of Georgette Heyer. Recommended for anyone who likes a completely clean traditional Regency, with strongly authentic writing, historical accuracy and a satisfying romance. Baxter’s writing is excellent, and her dialogue, manners and settings are true to the era.” ~ Mary Kingswood, author of traditional Regency romances

“While immersing the reader in the mores and life of the Regency era, Alissa Baxter manages to write strong, independent heroines whom modern-day women will cheer and root for. Plus the addition of little details that wrap around the plot and the characters make reading her books all the more special because you never know when you might land on a little Easter egg morsel in the beautiful and engaging prose. Historicals with heart and engaging characters that read real—that’s what you get in Ms Baxter’s books.” ~ Zee Monodee, USA Today bestselling author

About the Author

Alissa Baxter

Alissa Baxter was born in a small town in South Africa and grew up with her nose in a book on a poultry and cattle farm. At the age of eleven, she discovered her mother’s collection of Georgette Heyer novels. The first Heyer novel she ever read was Sylvester and she was hooked on Georgette Heyer after that. She read and reread her novels, and fell totally in love with the Regency period and Heyer’s grey-eyed heroes!

After university, where she majored in Political Science and French, she began writing her first Regency novel, before moving to England, which gave her further inspiration for her historical romances.

Alissa has lived in Durban and Cape Town but she eventually settled in Johannesburg where she lives with her husband and two sons. Alissa is the author of two chick-lit novels, Send and Receive and The Blog Affair, which have been re-released as The Truth About Series: The Truth about Clicking Send and Receive and The Truth About Cats and Bees.

Alissa’s Linfield Ladies Series features women in trend-setting roles in the Regency period who fall in love with men who embrace their trailblazing ways… at least eventually. The Viscount’s Lady Novelist is the second book in this series, following on from The Earl’s Lady Geologist.



Enter to win a $30 Amazon Gift Card!

The giveaway is open to the US only and ends on May 18th. You must be 18 or older to enter. I am not responsible for this prize draw

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