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A Thousand Goodbyes (The Surprising Life Of A Funeral Celebrant) by Ruth Graham


If you liked Adam Kay’s book, ‘This Is Going To Hurt’, you’ll love the joyously life-affirming memoir, ‘A Thousand Goodbyes’. 

When Ruth Graham left the world of stand-up comedy to become a funeral celebrant, she’d imagined a less combative career.  
Over a thousand services later … she knows better.
Probably her most demanding role to date, Ruth has needed every ounce of diplomacy, courage, humour and her wits about her to juggle the daily challenges. From grief-stricken families to amorous widowers through to plate-smashing, warring siblings and even a flock of stoned doves at a Rasta funeral. 

As the story unfolds we witness her new career developing into a
24/7 commitment. Will it break her?
Or will it be the spur she needs to get her own life in order?
Jaw-dropping, informative, moving and hilarious in turn, ‘A Thousand Goodbyes’ is a reminder that nobody is guaranteed a tomorrow; whilst encouraging everyone to seize their day. 


We will all experience death at some point but some people deal with it regularly as is the case for Ruth the funeral celebrant. This book is her story
I never really thought about celebrants before reading this book, I haven’t been to many of the big occasions in life so don’t have the experience, and it has been an eye opening read
This book could so easily be morbid and depressing but it is anything but. Ruth tells us about some of the people she has met and the impact that she can have on some of the saddest days of their lives, and some of the stories and anecdotes that she has heard. I will admit that her writing caught my interest right from the very first page with the very first story that she tells and had me unable to put it down
This book made me chuckle at times and at others made me want to cry and it’s Ruth’s skills as a writer that made this book such an addictive read and one that I would recommend to those who enjoy a book that looks at a different side of life, one that we may not normally see, with sensitivity and humour that will keep you reading 
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Ruth Graham has written for many publications over the years on a variety of subjects.

Initially working for Emap Elan on Period Living and Traditional Homes magazine, she then moved on to freelance for titles as varied as The Evening Standard and The Daily Mail.

A move back to the Midlands in 2000 brought her first big break with her own weekly gossip/opinion column in The Sunday Mercury (Trinity Mirror), where she was billed as ‘Ruth Graham: More Balls Than Your Average Bloke’!

She then went on to launch her own magazine ‘Midlands Homes & Interiors’.

Two years later (2007), came her first series of short comedy books, ‘The Bible Series’ (Know The Score Publishing). One of these ‘The Break Up Bible’ was cunningly launched on Valentine’s day, gaining great publicity, and a spot on GMTV and Channel 5 news!

Since then Ruth has written and performed her own one-woman show (Just Sayin’); become a celebrant; and subsequently collaborated with writer/performer Cat Weatherill on the British Arts Council funded show ‘Unforgettable’ – celebrating the lives of those we’ve loved and lost.

And then came the book ‘A Thousand Goodbyes’ – all about Ruth’s work as a celebrant, the people she meets and the bizarre, touching and hilarious circumstances that constitute the average day, and life, of a celebrant.

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A Thousand Goodbyes

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Parasite? The Secret Diary of a Landlord by The Secret Landlord

parasite_cover_5-01 Final

Get ready to learn what really happens behind closed doors.

Landlords have become one of the most hated groups in society. Parasites, they’re often called. And there’s a lot of them. The Treasury estimates there are almost 2.6 million landlords in the UK with around 5.45 million rental properties.

But the real life of a professional landlord is very different to what most people think. From burglaries and break-ins to drug raids, police warrants, crazy tenant antics, bailiffs, squatters, lawsuits, wrecked properties, interfering council officers, game-playing freeholders to moments of heartfelt joy and happiness, the life of a landlord is never dull. Especially when the government keeps moving the goalposts.

This explosive front line exposé blows the lid off what it’s really like to be a landlord and the shocking reality of renting out a property. Hovering close to a nervous breakdown and likely suffering PTSD, The Secret Landlord exposes truths rarely shared. Stories that will grip you, move you and smack you in the face.

This is the truth, the other side of the door. 


A fascinating look at how things happen from the other side of a tenancy which had me hooked right from the start
This book is well written and made me understand more the trials of being a landlord, what they have to deal with and how it happens as well as what happens with different tenants
There were a lot of surprises in this book for me including learning more about the rules that favour the tenant and make things harder for the landlord as well as the huge variety of people who live in rented accommodation and some of their stories
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a non fiction read that looks at things from a different perspective and will have you hooked
AM 🐾 x

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Author Bio 

bio pic devil-face-mask

The Secret Landlord has been renting, refurbishing and selling properties across the UK for almost two decades. An award winning landlord, as judged by the National Landlords Association, The Secret Landlord has provided accommodation for hundreds of tenants from all walks of life.

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Playing Doctor – Part One: Medical School by John Lawrence


This book was interesting to read but also used a lot of medical terminology that made me have to concentrate an awful lot!
Set in the US, it’s a non fiction book that follows a student going through medical school and anecdotes that make it seem more personal and pulls the reader in
This book is well written if slightly confusing and it really highlights some of the issues and challenges that medical students face. I’m sure many people, not just med students, would resonate with the feeling that sometimes you feel out of your depth, not quite sure what to do and if you still want to do the job you are in
I enjoyed learning about the different specialties and how students learn as well as how the people around you can really impact on your experience. I will admit that some of the descriptions were quite graphic and not what I expected 
I would recommend this book to those who are interested in medicine and who want to see behind the scenes in a hospital
AM 🐾 x

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