Happily This Christmas by Susan Mallery

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It’s the season of love, forgiveness… and tidings of trouble!

Wynn Beauchene is exactly where she wants to be: a successful business owner and single mum. Lately, however, something feels like it’s missing. Even worse is Wynn’s attraction to the gorgeous policeman next door.

With his pregnant daughter coming to stay, Garrick McCabe has one last chance to repair their strained relationship. Except his daughter seems to have turned into the Grinch, and now Garrick needs Wynn’s help to turn this festive fiasco around… before it’s too late.

For Garrick and Wynn, a little chaos is the perfect gift for revealing what—and who—matters most…


A great read that I couldn’t put down 
Wynn has like Garrick for a long time but wasn’t sure how to ask him out. Her opportunity to grow closer to him comes when he asks for her help preparing his house for the arrival of his heavily pregnant daughter Joylyn 
I loved Wynn, she is strong and independent with a fabulous group of friends and is a brilliant mother to her teenage son. She has a secret from her past that she struggles with but she is so kind, warm and inviting. She accepts and tries to befriend Joylyn even though Joylyn isn’t in the best place and is really struggling with being apart from her friends and her mum
Garrick needs Wynn’s help when he hears that Joylyn is coming to stay, she helps make  his house more suitable with the addition of more dining furniture and trying to make Joylyn’s room perfect for her. I liked that Garrick was able to ask for help when he needed it and took onboard Wynn’s advice and it felt so natural that they would become friends. He has been hurt in the past and is wary about being in a relationship, he also struggles to understand why Joylyn is angry with him when all he wants is to be her daddy and have the type of relationship they had when she was a child 
I loved this book, it looked at people finding love slightly later in life than most books, they are both in their mid to late 30’s with older children so they are different than so many characters but it worked so well for them and the story flowed and pulled me in, I only stopped reading when I realised that it was past dinner time! 
I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a less traditional romance with so many ups and downs but which you will adore and with characters who capture your heart 
AM 🐾 x

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